About Me

Hi Folks!

Thank you for coming to look at my website.

There are some things in the world that are best described, or can only be described, by a photographic image. I am happiest when I am able to create such images in a way that truly reflect my vision.

I am Hermass and I am a professional photographer currently based in Chennai, India. As a Master in Computer Applications and working as an UI Architect combined it with my passion for photography to make statements about Natural and Real through Mass photography.

When I started photography, I had a specified time either sunrise or sunset for finding naturals and reality on the street as photography. I had questions in my mind like: “How do I take a photograph of a stranger without permission?” “What should I be looking for when shooting on the streets?” “What makes me a great photographer?” There are many things in the world that the best to be described through Photography.

My Photography images have reflected the cluster of Beauty, Color, Light and Fun. The images what I create that make others as happiest through my Vision…

This is born out of my passion for photography, and wanting to share the love and knowledge with others. After a Year ago I had an opportunity to work in United States and update my skills in photography and teaching photography workshops in part-time to those wanting to become a professional photographer and teach how to conquer their fear of shooting the photography and how to be focusing and how to use and handling the camera.

I put all my interest and my passion about Photography into this Site, and I hope you all share the same passion that I do. I try my best to update this site with tips about photography as well as hosting inspirational and professional photographers from all around the globe.

Feel free to check out this site. Don’t forget to share your work and opinions. You can see more of my work on my portfolio page.